Modern Alexanders

Tyler Rogers

Alexander and Philip II were both prominent rulers of Greece. Philip II ruled before Alexander and with his great use of alliances and military tactics granted him with territory and an increase to Macedonia’s wealth. Once Philip II was assassinated by his bodyguard, Pausanias, his son Alexander the Great stepped in to lead Macedonia. After his father’s success, Alexander was able to continue to be an effective ruler of Macedonia. Alexander’s success can be compared to the split of America with the British and the formation of the colonies in the New World. Though America’s colonials originated from an established Britain, America was able to create their own powerful government. Alexander shares similarities with America as both took advantage of an opportunity to expand and grow their regime from success based on the foundations laid by their predecessors. 

The similarities between America and Alexander can be seen as both took great opportunities and expanded into powerful governments. America left British rule to form a democratic government where the people were elected to represent each other. Alexander the Great was a powerful military leader who led important campaigns and expanded his empire from Greece to Persia, Babylon, Egypt, and more. As Alexander conquered these new territories, he took advantage of the local political contexts. Alexander was not interested in imposing his own ideas of truth, religion, or behavior upon conquered populations as long as they willingly kept the supply lines open to feed and equip his troops, which was an important aspect of his ability to rule vast areas. However, anyone who dared to oppose him was dealt with accordingly. Alexander took over many cities, most being east of the Tigris River. One of them being Alexandria in Eygpt, which was an important Mediterranean urban center. The location of this city gave great trade routes and defensive positions. 

Philip II had a huge impact on how Alexander ruled Greece. Alexander the Great’s empire developed not only because of his military prowess but also because of his father’s success, which took advantage of an unstable political context in Greece. Alexander’s own conquests happened in very specific political contexts as well, which facilitated his ability to expand his empire rapidly and with little resistance. Alexander drove the engine his father built. Philip II built an army with unprecedented ability and resilience after Philip died Alexander took this army and conquered many city-states in Greece.

Alexander and America can be given credit for their great success after taking advantage of an opportunity presented to them. Both developed creative ways to create a strong government. The foundations laid by Philip II and Britain were able to pave the way for the regimes of Alexander and America to flourish.

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One thought on “Modern Alexanders

  1. This is a good analysis of the similarities between the Phillip II/Alexander succession in relation to the early colonies of the United States. During Phillip II’s time in power, Macedonia was in a quasi-rebellious state, much like the state that America was in during the times of the revolution. The differences in my opinion are that Phillip II’s contributions were more physical material than the founding father’s cultural and ideological developments to American society. Tyler Rogers did not highlight the similarities as much as he could have between early continental America and early Macedonia as he could have. What Tyler did a very good job of was describing Alexander and Phillip II’s similarities as military leaders. He highlighted that Phillip II was the creator of a powerful military that Alexander used to conquer many empires, including Persia.


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