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Modern Book of the Dead

            The Egyptian book of the Dead the dead was essentially a cheat sheet for someone to read to their god of death in order to get into the afterlife. It contained all the correct things to tell the god Osiris they honestly haven’t done so that way they could enter their version of heaven.Continue reading “Modern Book of the Dead”

The American Laundry List of the Dead

When Dr. Jay Samons came and spoke to the Brigade a few days ago he remarked, “If you want to know what a society cares about, listen to their songs.”  In a similar vein, one can and rightfully should consult the Egyptian Book of the Dead to see what the ancient Egyptians valued as aContinue reading “The American Laundry List of the Dead”

Book of the Dead

            In the Egyptian Book of the Dead we are given a glimpse into not only the religious values of the Ancient Egyptians but the daily cultural norms that formed their livelihood.  In this book Egyptians would quote entries from the book in order to persuade their god, Osiris to spare them from the harshContinue reading “Book of the Dead”

Code of Ethics: Egyptian Beliefs vs. Modern-Day Values

To the Egyptian’s god, Osiris, each Egyptian must be seen having committed no offenses covered in the Egyptian Book of the Dead during their time on earth before death. Otherwise, it would affect the opportunities they could have in the afterlife. The book did not just appeal to one social rank, but rather it appliedContinue reading “Code of Ethics: Egyptian Beliefs vs. Modern-Day Values”

American “Book of the Dead”

Although ancient Egyptian and modern American societal values differ in many ways, the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” contains truths that stand even in modern times.  Through the Egyptian “Book of the Dead,” the important aspects of Egyptian culture are made apparent. The Egyptians inadvertently created a list of societal values through their Book ofContinue reading “American “Book of the Dead””