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Truman the Great

You have most definitely heard of Alexander the Great, and you are probably even familiar with his greatest achievements. But, do you know his father? King Philip II of Macedon is not very well known, except for being the father of Alexander the Great. To historians, however, King Philip II was much more than justContinue reading “Truman the Great”

Metics and Dreamers

Metics and Dreamers On October 3, 2019, Tim Cooke, the CEO of Apple, and the company itself publicly voiced its support for DACA and Dreamers in a “friend of the court” filing. The DACA legislation has been the center of controversy within immigration politics in recent years, specifically after President Donald Trump has assumed office.Continue reading “Metics and Dreamers”

History is Bound to Repeat itself

As we simulated an Athenian Assembly for the electorate in class, it was hard to ignore the uncanny similarities in today’s society. The issues that were encountered during the electorate was the debate on whether to include metics as citizens and allowing them to vote. This exact hot button topic is mirrored in today’s societyContinue reading “History is Bound to Repeat itself”

Like Father, Like son.

After Philip II Macedon’s death, his son, Alexander The Great rose to power. Alexander quickly began conquering many Greek city-states such as Egypt, India, and Persia. He wanted to continue moving eastward, however his exhausted troops refused to continue fighting. They told him that a great leader knew when it was time to stop fighting.Continue reading “Like Father, Like son.”

DACA: Metics of the Future

The last Athenian Assembly debated and voted on the acceptance of metics and slaves as citizens of Athens and their ability to vote. DACA is also being debated in today’s government in the United States. DACA is a program that allows children who came here illegally with their parents to reside in the United StatesContinue reading “DACA: Metics of the Future”

The Dreamers of Athens

In ancient Athens, the assembly and many facets of government were largely controlled by Athenian citizens, and those who had maintained a high social status. Slaves and metics weren’t considered citizens and because of this they were considered below the people on the assembly. A similar issue is plaguing the United States today, with immigrantsContinue reading “The Dreamers of Athens”

A New Class of American

Modern-day America and ancient Athens both have had non-citizens living among the recognized citizens.  However, Athens had non-citizens that are legally allowed to live and work in the city. Many immigrants that come to America are illegal and have to hide that they are residing there. They are forced to find jobs that pay underContinue reading “A New Class of American”

Lasting Impacts of Leadership

David A. Majd-Faridi BLOG #3             Alexander the Great’s campaigns and techniques used to achieve his accomplishments throughout his reign were only effective because of the state of the empire given to him by Philip II.   When compared to Philip II, Alexander’s tactics and methods can be seen as short-sighted, vain, and seemingly random.  InContinue reading “Lasting Impacts of Leadership”

Alexander the Great Really is Great

Philip II created a culture amongst the fractured tribes in the Macedonian Kingship and established new military techniques that allowed for expansion, but it was Alexander the Great that propelled the Macedonian empire to new heights of domination across the Mediterranean. His personality was one that could not be emulated or underestimated; it secured hisContinue reading “Alexander the Great Really is Great”