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Racial tension in California during the nineteen hundreds was violent, disruptive to communities and filled with hatred. Police brutality was one of the factors that led to the hate between African Americans and whites during that time. The L.A.P.D was known to have some of the worst officers because of their excessive actions and extremeContinue reading “RODNEY KING”

“But he is a good person,” is a Get out of Jail Free Card?

In 1754 BC, the first law code was published; it is known as Hammurabi’s Code. The code is a strict, written document that outlines all of the consequences for crimes. Today, our written law is ever- present and, in a perfect America, it is fair. However, that is not always the case. In 2005, Essex,Continue reading ““But he is a good person,” is a Get out of Jail Free Card?”

Code of Hammurabi: A Modern Babylon

The Code of Hammurabi specifically constitutes punishments for people based on their social classes in the hierarchy. Unfortunately, through the Code, it is evident that people in a lower class or a minority, suffer from more crude punishments than those in higher classes. This Code is one of the earliest examples of a person beingContinue reading “Code of Hammurabi: A Modern Babylon”

The Fair Treatment of None

Since the ancient days of Mesopotamia under Hammurabi, racial discrimination has been an unfortunate precedent in society. The rule of Hammurabi, most distinctly known for its creation of a written legal code, portrayed how the status of wealth and race can directly affect the outcomes for an individual facing a judiciary. In most cases, theseContinue reading “The Fair Treatment of None”

America: A Modern Babylon?

A modern example of a case where a crime has been punished wrongly due to the economic background or social status was the Brock Turner case. Brock Turner is a Caucasian male who attended the University of Stanford. He was caught and found guilty of raping a girl while he was at school. His sentenceContinue reading “America: A Modern Babylon?”

Blog #1 Hammurabi code

In the case known as the Affluenza Case, a very controversial decision was made that ended in teen Ethan Couch serving no jail time after killing four pedestrians while drunk driving.  I first heard about this case through the exposure it received on social media, I was shocked with the outcome. It was released thatContinue reading “Blog #1 Hammurabi code”

Ruling: Pocket Change, or Death Row?

The fairness of justice: In 1993 the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, was involved in one way or another with the Rollin 20’s Crips gang. On August 25th that year, Snoop Dogg was arrested on murder charges of a rival gang member, Philip Woldemariam. According to a Washington Post article by Sharon Waxman, “The jury appearedContinue reading “Ruling: Pocket Change, or Death Row?”

Hammurabi’s Code in 2019

Taylor Buchanan Hammurabi’s Code was the first set of established laws to be created. Although punishments aren’t as harsh as Hammurabi’s, the United State’s justice system and Hammurabi’s Code have similarities in regard to social status. Although constitutionally the U.S promotes equal rights for all, minorities are treated poorly in comparison to their counterparts.  MinoritiesContinue reading “Hammurabi’s Code in 2019”