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The Misleading Metaphor of a Trap

In June 2019, the National War College (NWC) and National Defense University (NDU) published Thucydides’ Other “Traps”, a case study evaluating the prospect of 21st century conflict between the United States and various foreign powers. Although the United States has remained in constant tension with numerous countries since the early 1900’s, the prospect of warContinue reading “The Misleading Metaphor of a Trap”

America: A Modern Sparta?

In the days of Greek prominence, Sparta was one of, if not the most formidable group in Ancient Greece. They had the most powerful land force in all of Greece and was known for its fighting culture and warrior spirit. During this time, another Greek city-state was rising to prominence. Known for its philosopher mentalityContinue reading “America: A Modern Sparta?”

The Modern Peloponnesian War

How growing power can lead to increased tensions: As one country grows in power, it begins to be seen as a threat to other countries in the area. This pattern can be seen throughout history, the most famous instance being the Peloponnesian War. Tensions began to grow as Athens begin to gain power in theContinue reading “The Modern Peloponnesian War”

“Traps” Past and Present

In a post World War II era, the United States has emerged as the world’s dominant superpower. While there are other nations that periodically emerge as challengers to America’s superiority, few can contend with the technological advancements of the United States. This does not mean that other nations do not threaten that power, sometimes leadingContinue reading ““Traps” Past and Present”

America’s Fear for China’s Rise in Power

            The cause of the Peloponnesian War came from Sparta defending itself and its allies against the growing threat of Athenian violence and expansion, creating the modern term “Thucydides Trap.” Named after the Athenian historian and general, this word describes this relationship where an established nation feels threatened by a growing nation, and hereby, comeContinue reading “America’s Fear for China’s Rise in Power”

A Modern Day Thucydides Trap

America is in the position of the most dominant power in the world and will be for the foreseeable future. In its time, Sparta was in the same position as America in that it had the strongest army in Greece. Thucydides thought whenever an up and coming great power rose, it would inevitably come intoContinue reading “A Modern Day Thucydides Trap”

America in Thucydides’ Trap

Although the United States has posed itself as the world’s greatest superpower ever since the conclusion of World War II, the current global climate would have many believe that America’s position of power is in jeopardy. With the rise of China’s malicious cyber warfare capabilities and naval strategies, the United States, it seems, is alreadyContinue reading “America in Thucydides’ Trap”

Thucydides Trap: Modern Relevance

The “Thucydides Trap,” in essence, is the ancient idea that when one power threatens to overtake another, war ensues. While this idea is evident in our world’s history, such as with the Athenians and the Spartans or with Germany and the United States, modern America is nearing a Thucydides Trap scenario with the Chinese andContinue reading “Thucydides Trap: Modern Relevance”