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President Trump and the Common Misuse of “Tyrant”

            The truth, as surprising as it may seem, is that “tyrant” is not an inherently negative word. In fact, it has no connotation at all. “Tyrant”, by Webster’s definition, is “an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution”. As a proud member of a western society, I feel uneasy about that definition, but itContinue reading “President Trump and the Common Misuse of “Tyrant””

Tyranny Ancient and Modern)

The term “Tyrant” has been used throughout history and goes all the way back to the Ancient Greeks around the Peloponnesian War era. As history has progressed, the definition of a tyrant has changed quite a bit from its original meaning. A tyrant used to be known as someone who rose to become a rulerContinue reading “Tyranny Ancient and Modern)”

The Road to Tyranny

Shifts in cultures and time periods can often cause confusion and misinterpretations of words or concepts.  In modern society, the idea of tyrannical government is a prominent example of this change in interpretation over time.  The modern connotation of a tyrant is an authoritarian individual who leads a nation with force, ruthless policies, and littleContinue reading “The Road to Tyranny”

Ancient Tyranny in the Modern World?

Tyranny hasn’t always meant what we take it to mean now.  To the Greeks it meant something much different.  For the Greeks the word tyranny had less of a connotation.  The word “tyrant” was not originally used as a person who was domineering or autocratic but instead a non-hereditary ruler.  A tyrant was someone whoContinue reading “Ancient Tyranny in the Modern World?”

Modern Book of the Dead

            The Egyptian book of the Dead the dead was essentially a cheat sheet for someone to read to their god of death in order to get into the afterlife. It contained all the correct things to tell the god Osiris they honestly haven’t done so that way they could enter their version of heaven.Continue reading “Modern Book of the Dead”

The American Laundry List of the Dead

When Dr. Jay Samons came and spoke to the Brigade a few days ago he remarked, “If you want to know what a society cares about, listen to their songs.”  In a similar vein, one can and rightfully should consult the Egyptian Book of the Dead to see what the ancient Egyptians valued as aContinue reading “The American Laundry List of the Dead”


Racial tension in California during the nineteen hundreds was violent, disruptive to communities and filled with hatred. Police brutality was one of the factors that led to the hate between African Americans and whites during that time. The L.A.P.D was known to have some of the worst officers because of their excessive actions and extremeContinue reading “RODNEY KING”

“But he is a good person,” is a Get out of Jail Free Card?

In 1754 BC, the first law code was published; it is known as Hammurabi’s Code. The code is a strict, written document that outlines all of the consequences for crimes. Today, our written law is ever- present and, in a perfect America, it is fair. However, that is not always the case. In 2005, Essex,Continue reading ““But he is a good person,” is a Get out of Jail Free Card?”

Code of Hammurabi: A Modern Babylon

The Code of Hammurabi specifically constitutes punishments for people based on their social classes in the hierarchy. Unfortunately, through the Code, it is evident that people in a lower class or a minority, suffer from more crude punishments than those in higher classes. This Code is one of the earliest examples of a person beingContinue reading “Code of Hammurabi: A Modern Babylon”