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Islam and Christianity

Islam and Christianity             Being raised Catholic, a very specific narrative of right and wrong was impressed on me beginning at a very young age. At Sunday school or during religion class, I was very susceptible to accept everything that was taught at face value because nobody ever questioned it. The primary lesson being thatContinue reading “Islam and Christianity”

Unavoidable Exclusivity, Even With God as a Common Bond

Raised in a conservative, Christian household, and following on as a member of the military, I naturally fell victim to the stereotype that any middle-eastern religion is just wrong. The sad part is, I really have no explanation for why. In fact, I knew very little about Islam prior to the recent teachings in class.Continue reading “Unavoidable Exclusivity, Even With God as a Common Bond”

More Alike Than You May Think

Current political and social climate around the world largely pits the views of Christianity and Islam as oposing religions in constant conflict with each other. In a geopolitical sense, these two religions can be made to represent the West versus the East. The teachings and values of Christians align with and are supported by theContinue reading “More Alike Than You May Think”

Abrahamic Religions Similarities

Islam and Christianity are both monotheistic religions that are more similar than we might first expect. Islam does not accept Jesus as the son of God. However, Islam does adopt the Psalms, and the Gospel from Christians and the Torah from Judaism along with the Quran as the four holy books of their religion. Therefore,Continue reading “Abrahamic Religions Similarities”

blog 6

Kevin Spencer (1002) 11/08/19 Learning From History There are many civilizations that created useful lessons, impacts, and creations. From the fertile crescent civilizations to the Byzantine Empire. These civilizations are full of impactful leaders such as Julius Caesar, Alexander The Great, Philip II and Pompey. In this blog, I am going to elaborate on theContinue reading “blog 6”

Christianity and Islam Not so Different

Christianity and Islam are the largest two religions in the world. Both are easy to study as they are both based on written holy books. It is easy to cherry-pick sections out of their texts that align with a certain view, but looking at many different verses both Christianity and Islam they both contain contradictaryContinue reading “Christianity and Islam Not so Different”

Why Should Officers be Clever 101

The Naval Academy is saturated with officers who are willing to share their leadership knowledge. In my experience, the truth can be lost within some lengthy sea stories, leaving the lesson never full internalized. Luckily, some stories stick, and the lessons resonate with midshipmen. I remember a distinct lesson in class when we learned aboutContinue reading “Why Should Officers be Clever 101”