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blog 5

Kevin Spencer (1002)     10-25-19 Star Wars (emperor) v. Roman Republic (Caesar) Star Wars is an iconic film that is relatable throughout almost all periods of history. Traces of history of the Roman Republic can be found throughout Star Wars. The accuracy of these accounts are not 100 percent, but one can obviously seeContinue reading “blog 5”

Star Wars, America, and Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was made up of many different warring nations to include Sparta and Athens. These two nations grew over time where one became the most powerful army in the region and the other became the most powerful navy in the region. After studying ancient Greece, it is easy to compare the interactions of SpartaContinue reading “Star Wars, America, and Ancient Greece”

The Galactic Empire and Rome

Empires throughout history have come about in a multitude of different ways. Some started out as Empires, with kings and emperors who persisted and kept it that way for centuries. Some have a revolution or get overthrown by someone with ambition to be an emperor. Others, as in the case of both the Roman andContinue reading “The Galactic Empire and Rome”

Star Wars and The Roman Empire: More Similar than you would think

The Empire in Star Wars has similarities to the Ancient Roman Empire. They have closely related stories of their formation. The Star Wars Empire and the Roman Empire were also structured in a similar way organizationally. Also like many empires, they were both the largest organized government in their part of the world or galaxyContinue reading “Star Wars and The Roman Empire: More Similar than you would think”