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Truman the Great

You have most definitely heard of Alexander the Great, and you are probably even familiar with his greatest achievements. But, do you know his father? King Philip II of Macedon is not very well known, except for being the father of Alexander the Great. To historians, however, King Philip II was much more than justContinue reading “Truman the Great”

Like Father, Like son.

After Philip II Macedon’s death, his son, Alexander The Great rose to power. Alexander quickly began conquering many Greek city-states such as Egypt, India, and Persia. He wanted to continue moving eastward, however his exhausted troops refused to continue fighting. They told him that a great leader knew when it was time to stop fighting.Continue reading “Like Father, Like son.”

Lasting Impacts of Leadership

David A. Majd-Faridi BLOG #3             Alexander the Great’s campaigns and techniques used to achieve his accomplishments throughout his reign were only effective because of the state of the empire given to him by Philip II.   When compared to Philip II, Alexander’s tactics and methods can be seen as short-sighted, vain, and seemingly random.  InContinue reading “Lasting Impacts of Leadership”

Alexander the Great Really is Great

Philip II created a culture amongst the fractured tribes in the Macedonian Kingship and established new military techniques that allowed for expansion, but it was Alexander the Great that propelled the Macedonian empire to new heights of domination across the Mediterranean. His personality was one that could not be emulated or underestimated; it secured hisContinue reading “Alexander the Great Really is Great”

Credit Where Credit is Due

While Alexander the Great is one of the most successful leaders in our world’s history, he benefited greatly from his father and predecessor, Philip II. It is often forgotten that when Philip II took over, Macedonia was weak and largely irrelevant. However, Philip II molded them into a national power that would ultimately set upContinue reading “Credit Where Credit is Due”

Alexander vs. Philip II: Who’s More Responsible?

Alexander the Great is famous for his conquering of Greece, the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and the Persian Empire. He campaigned with an adept army that was able to out fight their opponents, utilizing expert tactics and unrelenting force. Alexander was a charismatic and powerful ruler who knew how to overpower his opponents throughContinue reading “Alexander vs. Philip II: Who’s More Responsible?”