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Sheriff Jerry Hatcher: An Accused Tyrant Of Bento County

Language, like the flow of a river, changes and evolves over time. Words or phrases that may have had one meaning at a particular point in time may have its meaning or message change as society and norms changed. It is because of this common process that certain words used today to describe varias eventsContinue reading “Sheriff Jerry Hatcher: An Accused Tyrant Of Bento County”

Debt Elimination Part 2?

The idea of alleviating the stress of debt on the common man for the betterment of society is a common goal of many democratic politicians in modern society. Those such as the democratic front runners of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have even made this concept a centerpiece of their successful campaigns. However, this grandContinue reading “Debt Elimination Part 2?”

Modern Seisachtheia? — Not Likely

Over the last decade, the cost of higher education in the United States has increased by over twenty five percent, and the outstanding debt from student loans surpassed $1.5 trillion in early 2018.  The outstanding debt isn’t an issue exclusive to young Americans, but is felt across all ages groups, most notably, the 35-49 yearContinue reading “Modern Seisachtheia? — Not Likely”

Modern Tyranny Tested

The ancient definition of tyranny differs tremendously from the modern definition of tyranny. The ancient definition, which originates in Greece, was used for a person who comes to power in an unorthodox way. Traditionally, power would be passed on through lineage or an election, but tyranny described a ruler who came to power through anContinue reading “Modern Tyranny Tested”

Seisachtheia for Students?

The promises given by Senator Sanders and Senator Warren to excuse all of those who have student debt and free them of this financial burden are similar to Solon’s seisachtheia. Solon’s reforms freed everyone of debt. Those is slavery due to debt were freed, and all land was given back to their constitutional owner. SandersContinue reading “Seisachtheia for Students?”