Is The Past That Far Removed?

In reading about the Egyptian Book of the Dead, I learned that things that have happened so long ago a not very removed from our current society. In ancient times it is evident that the way a person lived their life would dictate how they would live in the afterlife. Similar to how many view religion today, people should not sin because of the implications of the afterlife. Overall, even though the Egyptian Book of the Dead was written so long ago our society still has similar values.

            Some things that I learned about Egyptian life is that people’s lives revolved around the gods and natural resources. This can be concluded based on writings in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Some of the most prominent ones were, “I have not thought scorn of the god” and “I have not encroached upon the fields of others”. I believe that these are the most important two sayings in the writing. God and natural resources held such high power to the people back then and the still do today.

            Even though religion and proving to Osiris that someone lived a good life are very similar in today’s age there are also many differences. Some of things that would qualify you as a good person according to Osiris are, “I have not defrauded a poor man of his goods” and “I have not domineered over slaves”. The Egyptian Book of the Dead in my opinion really determines if someone will have a good afterlife if they lived a “good life” , to me, it means that they were happy and enjoyed their own life not necessarily were they a good person. In my interpretation of religion today, I believe that one of the main things that determine someone’s future is the way they affect people’s lives not necessarily the way that they lived their own. Even though this varies in some ways they both follow the same religions

            Essentially, I believe that today’s society’s religious values are very similar to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Today people are valued based on the way that they effect people around them. As long as someone is living happily and being a positive force in other peoples live they will be doing everything that they need to be doing in order to live a good afterlife.

            Some things have happened so long ago may seem so distant from our advanced society today but that may not always be the case. Often ties things from the past are very evident in the future and often follow similar or exact guidelines in the future. Oto s important to acknowledge the past to learn and adapt for the future.

My 21st Century Book of the Dead for the Naval Academy:

  1. I shall not juul
  2. I shall do well on my PRT
  3. I shall have a high order of merit
  4. I shall not drink underage
  5. I shall discipline my plebes
  6. I shall not lie, cheat or steal

Word Count: 510

Ryan Magnuson


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