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Kevin Spencer (1002) 11/08/19

Learning From History

There are many civilizations that created useful lessons, impacts, and creations. From the fertile crescent civilizations to the Byzantine Empire. These civilizations are full of impactful leaders such as Julius Caesar, Alexander The Great, Philip II and Pompey. In this blog, I am going to elaborate on the Macadonian Empire at the helm of Phillip II and Alexander The Great.

I will focus on how these two leaders impacted their empire and how there impacts are useful to future leaders in the fleet.

First off, the Macedonian Empire can be summarized as an empire that was full of innovation and new traditions. This Macadonians focused on improving and advancing military technology, as their leaders, Phillip II and Alexander the Great, commanded. These two leaders showed that being unique and searching for improvements of old traditions lead to success.They both took on the challenge to gain the upper hand and conquer many lands in a way that no one in times before hand have before. 

One important feature that has to be mentioned is the fact that Phillip II and Alexander the Great overcame a big hurdle of doing things their own way. For example, they changed how a unit would attack while in battle using weapons that have never been used before. They were not afraid, they were full-in and confident that their new ways would lead them to success, and that is exactly what they did. They succeeded and won many battles. One can learn from this, especially a soon to be leader in the fleet. An officer can take the characteristics of confidence in self, trying new methods, and being innovative. These takeaways are important to have while leading others into harm’s way. Phillip II and Alexander the Great are great examples on how these characteristics can lead to the success of an entire unit. 

Another important trait that both leaders demonstrated was the use of their wit and ability to think above the enemy. “Alexander sent Darius’ body to Persepolis to be buried in the royal tombs, like the kings before him. […] Such was the end of Darius”(blackboard). This example of how Alexander manipulated the situation to gain respect shows his smarts and wits. This was the main reason why Philiip II and Alexander the Great were able to conquer many lands and increase the size of the Macedonian Empire. They knew that innovation of war was the key and would give them the edge over the enemy. The enemy stuck to traditional ways and did not make any changes to the way they fought battles. This is another characteristic that would be helpful to learn as an officer in the fleet. The ability the be smarter and think ahead of the enemy will always put your unit above any enemy. This is huge especially in today’s time with so much changing so fast. The rate at which technology improves can make or break your unit depending and how fast you can learn to adapt to these changes. Therefore, this may be the most important thing to learn and the most advantageous characteristic to learn. I say this because getting ahead on things and being the first to know things will benefit you in most cases.  

All in all, the Macodnian empire lead by Phillip II and Alexander the Great were able to conquer a vast amount of lands by being ahead of the enemy, showing their wit, being confident in their own plans, creating/innovating, and being unique. Everyone of these characteristics are important and will insure success as an officer in the fleet. If one is willing to learn these characteristics they will be head and shoulders above and ready to lead any unit. Also, they will  be ready to face any enemy that comes their way.


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One thought on “blog 6

  1. I think you did a really good job of going into detail about the past leaders like Alexander The Great and Phillip II. This is important because as the writer, you wrote as if your reader was uninformed of the history you were talking about and you covered the basics for me to understand what exactly you were talking about. The next plus of your blog was how you related these great leaders’ tactics and success to how they could be used today in our society, keeping in mind we are in a different time of technology. I think one thing you could have done better on before posting the blog was checking the grammatical errors. I noticed a few misspelled words that could be avoided by having a colleague read it. Another trick could be to read it out loud, this is how I catch most of my errors. Overall, good blog.

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