Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture

Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture In today’s world of media and increasing numbers of news outlets, it is now commonplace to find words misused. Words that mean one thing, have developed negative connotations in spite of their original meaning. Writers often insert words or phrases in order to insinuate a bad feelingContinue reading “Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture”

Tyranny: Ancient vs. Modern

In a recent article in the Chicago Tribune titled, “If Elizabeth Warren is ‘Pocahontas,’ then Donald Trump is ‘Caligula,’” by Eric Zorn, the president is compared to a Roman Emperor named Caligula who ruled from 37 to 41 AD. The word ‘tyrant’ is incorrectly used in this article as its context does not correlate toContinue reading “Tyranny: Ancient vs. Modern”

Justice System: Not Blind

Throughout mankind, various societies have had many different beliefs and ways of conducting themselves. Obviously, to the present society, their rules and sets of laws seem to be the norm and almost all others that differ, seem completely foreign and hard to understand. In present day America, we experience this every day because the UnitedContinue reading “Justice System: Not Blind”

Modern Law and The Code of Hammurabi

The marginalization of those who have less due to factors such as wealth or race has been a common and ugly theme throughout history. Here in America, we like to think this problem has been eradicated. However, when the issue is further investigated, it is clear that we still struggle and may live closer toContinue reading “Modern Law and The Code of Hammurabi”

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