Debt Reduction

Student debt has risen to 1.6 trillion dollars in the US. College graduates spend years, sometimes decades, repaying loans. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, two leading democratic presidential candidates, have proposed two variations of a student debt forgiveness plan each promises to implement if elected. These plans are designed more to gain votes than toContinue reading “Debt Reduction”

Student Debt: Is it Good or Bad?

Student debt reform is a major issue within the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Two democratic champions, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, wish to completely wipe out student debt if elected into office. The proposed debt reforms have a striking resemblance to the debt reform policies enacted by Solon’s seisachtheia in ancient Athens. The democrat’s debtContinue reading “Student Debt: Is it Good or Bad?”

Hammurabi’s Code seems savage…but is it that different?

The code of Hammurabi appears as a barbaric code that ruled the early humans but after deeper examination, their laws were jaded and biases towards higher standing people in society, similar to the current status of the law in the United States of America. America loves to project the image that the law is blackContinue reading “Hammurabi’s Code seems savage…but is it that different?”

Live the Rules to Live Forever

            One of the earliest complex societies created in the world belonged to the Egyptians. By 3100 BCE they developed a system of writing, a complex bureaucracy, record keeping, and much more. Egyptians were extremely religious and believed in an afterlife. They believed that when they died they appeared before a god named Osiris, andContinue reading “Live the Rules to Live Forever”

Unequal Treatment Before the Law

The code of Hammurabi contains one of the earliest and most complete written law codes in human history. It includes provisions for marriage, business, theft, adultery, debt, and personal injury. It gives harsh punishments for the guilty party but also requires that the guilty party be proven guilty. The code gives different punishments for theContinue reading “Unequal Treatment Before the Law”

Justice: System of Inequality

An interesting facet of society involves the lack of variation within law for thousands of years. Although not explicitly stated in federal or state laws, there is a divide between the punishments are awarded for social class mirroring the divide within the Code of Hammurabi.  The greatest example of the effect of economic influence onContinue reading “Justice: System of Inequality”

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