Christianity: A Scary Subject for the Romans

The Romans did have reason to be afraid of early Christianity when it sprung up from the eastern parts of the empire. At the time of Christianities rise in the Roman empire, the thought of there being only one God was preposterous to the average Roman. The government had reason to believe that a changeContinue reading “Christianity: A Scary Subject for the Romans”

The Rise of the Christians: A Worthy Threat To Roman Culture

From a Roman perspective, the rise of Christianity in Rome could easily be seen as a threat to the polytheistic culture that had already been set in stone. People worshiping a single deity figure that was not any of the numerous gods nor the emperor could be taken as a criminal act, with the seeminglyContinue reading “The Rise of the Christians: A Worthy Threat To Roman Culture”

Fear of Christians

Before the third century CE, Romans were fearful of the rising popularity of Christainity. They viewed Christiainity as a cult that could weaken the Empire and ultimately lead to the destruction of Rome. The Romans had a right to fear the Chrstians because they recognized the possibility of a political revolution. In order to guaranteeContinue reading “Fear of Christians”

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