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Hammurabi’s Code in 2019

Taylor Buchanan Hammurabi’s Code was the first set of established laws to be created. Although punishments aren’t as harsh as Hammurabi’s, the United State’s justice system and Hammurabi’s Code have similarities in regard to social status. Although constitutionally the U.S promotes equal rights for all, minorities are treated poorly in comparison to their counterparts.  MinoritiesContinue reading “Hammurabi’s Code in 2019”

Tyranny: Ancient and Modern

Defining Tyranny Then and Now In his May 2019 article, “Recognizing a Tyrant or Tyrant-to-Be,” Pierre Lemieux responds to a reply he received to his tweet claiming that the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán is a tyrant. The twitter user posted, “Have you ever asked some hungarians [sic] what they think of him? They adoreContinue reading “Tyranny: Ancient and Modern”

Debt Mythology

The idea of debt cancellation has become prominent in recent times, particularly with Democratic leaders Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. However, history shows us that this idea is not unique to the modern day. Modern times resemble ancient Athens through the effort of political leaders such as Warren, Sanders, and Solon to gain support throughContinue reading “Debt Mythology”

Trump the (almost) tyrant

            In his April 2019 article, “Psychoanalyzing History’s Most Merciless Tyrants”, The Washington Post’s Herbert Wray discusses several “Tyrannical Minds” throughout recent history, delving into their childhood and financial upbringing, mental evaluation, and political decisions. While his use of the word “tyrant” is correct in modern context, it is equally as fitting to definition priorContinue reading “Trump the (almost) tyrant”

Debt “Relief”

Although over two millennia apart, the political tactics of democratic presidential candidate front-runners Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders mirror those of Solon in ancient Greece. In both instances, however, the seemingly beneficial act of debt forgiveness among their people could end up hindering its recipients more than it helps.  In the case of Solon’s riseContinue reading “Debt “Relief””

Racial Disparity in America

In modern America minorities face profiling and singling out almost every single day based simply on their race or appearance. While many consider our government and police force to be institutions for good and equality the majority of the time, there are also many instances where this is not the case. In many different casesContinue reading “Racial Disparity in America”

Tyrant or Leader?

In Chapter 5, “Dawn of the Empires”, the author defines tyrant as a “ruler with absolute power, sometimes granted through election in times of crisis, sometimes seized through force of arms”. The author also refers to a tyrant as a “single autocratic ruler” (Spodek 141). However, the modern day definition of “tyrant” is a cruelContinue reading “Tyrant or Leader?”

The Non-Existent Laws for Sexual Assault Survivors

Larry Nasser is the perfect example of privilege winning for so long in the justice system. He had the perfect formula: He was a well-respected doctor in esteemed programs like USA Gymnastics and the Olympics. He also had the privilege of being a male. This case is a classic example of injustice; many girls spokeContinue reading “The Non-Existent Laws for Sexual Assault Survivors”