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Islam vs. Christianity

While Islam and Christianity are vastly different in some ways, they also contain many similarities and common grounds that are very surprising. There has been no shortage of blood shed over the two religions throughout the course of history, but many people would be astounded at the similar doctrine and beliefs between the two. Overall,Continue reading “Islam vs. Christianity”

Sun Tzu’s Modern Relevance

In Sun Tzu’s Art of War, he provides an interesting philosophical approach to how war should be handled. While this document was written ages ago, some of it is very relevant to now. Additionally, some of it is contradictory to the techniques and tactics we are taught at the Naval Academy. While Sun Tzu’s philosophyContinue reading “Sun Tzu’s Modern Relevance”

Christianity- A Threat?

In the days of the Roman empire, it is certainly understandable why the rapid spread of Christianity was not viewed favorably by many Romans. Since the beginning of the empire, the Roman’s embraced polytheism. However, the rise of Christianity posed a great threat to the longstanding norm of polytheism that had been an established formContinue reading “Christianity- A Threat?”

Credit Where Credit is Due

While Alexander the Great is one of the most successful leaders in our world’s history, he benefited greatly from his father and predecessor, Philip II. It is often forgotten that when Philip II took over, Macedonia was weak and largely irrelevant. However, Philip II molded them into a national power that would ultimately set upContinue reading “Credit Where Credit is Due”

Thucydides Trap: Modern Relevance

The “Thucydides Trap,” in essence, is the ancient idea that when one power threatens to overtake another, war ensues. While this idea is evident in our world’s history, such as with the Athenians and the Spartans or with Germany and the United States, modern America is nearing a Thucydides Trap scenario with the Chinese andContinue reading “Thucydides Trap: Modern Relevance”

Debt Mythology

The idea of debt cancellation has become prominent in recent times, particularly with Democratic leaders Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. However, history shows us that this idea is not unique to the modern day. Modern times resemble ancient Athens through the effort of political leaders such as Warren, Sanders, and Solon to gain support throughContinue reading “Debt Mythology”