Solon vs. Sanders: Relieving Debt

A hot topic for this year’s election with the Democratic presidential candidates is centered on the idea of forgiving student debt. In comparison to Solon and his set of laws, the Seisachtheia, there can be similarities found in terms of management of debt and equality for the general population, but there are some differences thatContinue reading “Solon vs. Sanders: Relieving Debt”

Code of Ethics: Egyptian Beliefs vs. Modern-Day Values

To the Egyptian’s god, Osiris, each Egyptian must be seen having committed no offenses covered in the Egyptian Book of the Dead during their time on earth before death. Otherwise, it would affect the opportunities they could have in the afterlife. The book did not just appeal to one social rank, but rather it appliedContinue reading “Code of Ethics: Egyptian Beliefs vs. Modern-Day Values”

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