Ancient History in Modern Media

In the United States the practice of making historical films and videogames in widely used in pop culture. These films and games usually have some historical truth to them but more often than not, they are more unrealistic to the true events that took place with a few exceptions. These exceptions would most likely beContinue reading “Ancient History in Modern Media”

Christianity Through the Lens of Polytheism

In present times, especially in the United States, it is easy to fall into the feeling of “it has always been this way” but when diving into a deeper look regarding religion, one can see that things have changed drastically. A major change came in the third century with the rise of Christianity that shookContinue reading “Christianity Through the Lens of Polytheism”

Modern Alexanders?

Modern Alexanders?             When historians take a look into Macedonia during the reign of Phillip the second, there is no question that he had an extraordinary impact on the campaign that his son Alexander conducted. Whether it be the military engineering capabilities that Phillip implemented or the incredibly fast way that Alexander conquered the massiveContinue reading “Modern Alexanders?”

Justice System: Not Blind

Throughout mankind, various societies have had many different beliefs and ways of conducting themselves. Obviously, to the present society, their rules and sets of laws seem to be the norm and almost all others that differ, seem completely foreign and hard to understand. In present day America, we experience this every day because the UnitedContinue reading “Justice System: Not Blind”

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