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Ancient Tyranny in the Modern World?

Tyranny hasn’t always meant what we take it to mean now.  To the Greeks it meant something much different.  For the Greeks the word tyranny had less of a connotation.  The word “tyrant” was not originally used as a person who was domineering or autocratic but instead a non-hereditary ruler.  A tyrant was someone whoContinue reading “Ancient Tyranny in the Modern World?”

The American Laundry List of the Dead

When Dr. Jay Samons came and spoke to the Brigade a few days ago he remarked, “If you want to know what a society cares about, listen to their songs.”  In a similar vein, one can and rightfully should consult the Egyptian Book of the Dead to see what the ancient Egyptians valued as aContinue reading “The American Laundry List of the Dead”