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Leadership Lessons from the Past

Here at the Academy, and in this class, we have learned about many different leaders. Leaders from Sargon of Akkad to Genghis Khan and from John Paul Jones to Vice Admiral James Stockdale, all of which led in different manners and with different intentions. Some leaders were tyrannical and ruled their people with fear whileContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from the Past”

Star Wars and Rome: From Republic to Empire

In Star Wars, the Galactic Empire, ruled by Emperor Palpatine, is unmistakably evil. They destroy planets, militarily occupy civilizations, massacre rebels, kill their own soldiers, and enslave citizens. Conversely, the Ancient Roman Empire would not normally be characterized as evil, although evil deeds were committed during its time. However, regardless of evil intentions, the wayContinue reading “Star Wars and Rome: From Republic to Empire”

The Rise of Monotheism

Long before the Roman Empire was established, polytheism had imprinted itself on human culture. Many former societies, including the Greeks and the Egyptians, had worshipped an assortment of gods. In contrast to modern society, the belief in one and only one deity was usual; so much so that when Christianity grew in recognition, it wasContinue reading “The Rise of Monotheism”

Alexander: Credit where Credit’s due

Living under a parental shadow can be difficult, especially if that parent has incredible power and influence and expects their heir to continue their progress and greatness. In Alexander III’s case, he inherited the kingdom of Macedon from his father, Philip II. There is an argument that people are only great because they were aliveContinue reading “Alexander: Credit where Credit’s due”

Athens and America: Democracy and Empire

Today, we hear democracy and empire and think that the two couldn’t possibly be used to describe the same world power. Democracy is a government for the people by the people whereas an empire is typically synonymous with an expansive monarchy. However, there have been many historical examples of nations governed by democracy that haveContinue reading “Athens and America: Democracy and Empire”

Tyranny: Ancient vs. Modern

In a recent article in the Chicago Tribune titled, “If Elizabeth Warren is ‘Pocahontas,’ then Donald Trump is ‘Caligula,’” by Eric Zorn, the president is compared to a Roman Emperor named Caligula who ruled from 37 to 41 AD. The word ‘tyrant’ is incorrectly used in this article as its context does not correlate toContinue reading “Tyranny: Ancient vs. Modern”