#lastblogletsgooo (islam? Christianity?)

From a young age, I personally struggled with religion and the split between Christianity and Islam. My family has always been split down the middle; my father’s half is filled with Christians and my mother’s half is filled with Muslims so from the start I never knew which was actually “right”. It was weird, someContinue reading “#lastblogletsgooo (islam? Christianity?)”

Christianity Prevailed Anyway

The Roman Empire was extremely valid in their fear of Christianity, the up rise of this new religion was against their way of life. Romans were obviously polytheistic. Christian views forbid them believing in more than one god, deeming them monotheistic. They were also forbidden from participating in rituals of the state religious cult. ChristiansContinue reading “Christianity Prevailed Anyway”

Metics and Dreamers

                         Well the two are very similar topics obviously, and the issues are very similar as well. Each of them is trying to find a resolution or a broad way to handle people who are not citizens that live within their borders. The Athenians wanted those who were born from two Athenian parents only, thisContinue reading “Metics and Dreamers”

Democracy and Empire

            When I think about American imperialism, it can go both ways. We, as America were first permanently settled on in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia by Englishmen. Through the 17th century, the population of America grew vastly due to the European indentured servants being shipped to work for five to seven years before they wouldContinue reading “Democracy and Empire”

Seisachtheia for Students?

The student loan forgiveness plans proposed by Warren and Sanders are very similar to Solon’s discharge of all debts. “Solon, it appears, became a pioneer of this device, when he referred to his cancelling of all debts as a discharge” (Plutarch). They are similar in the way that the legislation would be discharging student loanContinue reading “Seisachtheia for Students?”

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