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Islam and Christianity

Islam and Christianity             Being raised Catholic, a very specific narrative of right and wrong was impressed on me beginning at a very young age. At Sunday school or during religion class, I was very susceptible to accept everything that was taught at face value because nobody ever questioned it. The primary lesson being thatContinue reading “Islam and Christianity”

Christianity Through the Lens of Polytheism

Christianity Through the Lens of Polytheism We live in a time in the United States where Christmas music begins playing as soon as Halloween is over and the Easter bunny is loved by young children across the country. It can be hard to imagine a time when Christianity was not the dominant religion, where ChristiansContinue reading “Christianity Through the Lens of Polytheism”

Metics and Dreamers

Metics and Dreamers On October 3, 2019, Tim Cooke, the CEO of Apple, and the company itself publicly voiced its support for DACA and Dreamers in a “friend of the court” filing. The DACA legislation has been the center of controversy within immigration politics in recent years, specifically after President Donald Trump has assumed office.Continue reading “Metics and Dreamers”

Democracy and Empire

Democracy and Empire On November 2, 1900 the United States took a monumental step that would alter its role, reputation, and identity within world affairs when Dr. Jacob Schurman urged the government not to withdraw from the Philippine Islands saying, “the performance of our national duty will prove the greatest blessing to the peoples ofContinue reading “Democracy and Empire”

Tyranny: Ancient and Modern

Defining Tyranny Then and Now In his May 2019 article, “Recognizing a Tyrant or Tyrant-to-Be,” Pierre Lemieux responds to a reply he received to his tweet claiming that the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán is a tyrant. The twitter user posted, “Have you ever asked some hungarians [sic] what they think of him? They adoreContinue reading “Tyranny: Ancient and Modern”