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History in the Fleet

We learned about many civilizations within the West in the Premodern class so far this semester. Throughout our indulgence in knowledge of the history, I have learned the importance of taking care of your people as a leader. Ancient Sparta taught us the lesson that in order to have a respected military, the majority ofContinue reading “History in the Fleet”

Media Inspires People (Ancient History in Modern Media)

For me, looking at history strictly through a classroom perspective is a rather monotonous way to study history. Me, assuming like the majority of the United States, has interest sparked to study history through exaggerated depictions of what may have actually happened. An example that sticks out in particular for me is the movie 300Continue reading “Media Inspires People (Ancient History in Modern Media)”

Fear of Uncertainty and Conviction

Christianity Through The Lens of Polytheism Fear among populations can spread rapidly if there are two factors present in a situation: uncertainty, and immense devotion. In the world’s history, this was demonstrated in Rome regarding the Christian population, and also demonstrated in the United States regarding radical Islamic terrorism.                The Roman Empire’s population wasContinue reading “Fear of Uncertainty and Conviction”

Growth of Macedonia Compared to the Growth of America

Macedonia was subject to two growth spurts during its time period, thanks to two men who held power. Prior to these two men, Macedonia was a tiny kingdom which was behind Athens and Sparta. Macedonia lacked military strength, innovation, or leadership. King Phillip II came into power in 359 BCE, and with him came theContinue reading “Growth of Macedonia Compared to the Growth of America”

How Islamic Terrorism Is A Thucydides Trap

Thucydides was a man who developed the idea that Sparta fell into an indirect war trap with Athens in 430 BC. He was a smart man, and predicted the catalyst for many wars to come. America has found themselves within numerous traps like Thucydides has defined for Sparta, even in modern times. Thucydides described theContinue reading “How Islamic Terrorism Is A Thucydides Trap”

Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture

Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture In today’s world of media and increasing numbers of news outlets, it is now commonplace to find words misused. Words that mean one thing, have developed negative connotations in spite of their original meaning. Writers often insert words or phrases in order to insinuate a bad feelingContinue reading “Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture”