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Christianity and Islam Not so Different

Christianity and Islam are the largest two religions in the world. Both are easy to study as they are both based on written holy books. It is easy to cherry-pick sections out of their texts that align with a certain view, but looking at many different verses both Christianity and Islam they both contain contradictaryContinue reading “Christianity and Islam Not so Different”

Star Wars and The Roman Empire: More Similar than you would think

The Empire in Star Wars has similarities to the Ancient Roman Empire. They have closely related stories of their formation. The Star Wars Empire and the Roman Empire were also structured in a similar way organizationally. Also like many empires, they were both the largest organized government in their part of the world or galaxyContinue reading “Star Wars and The Roman Empire: More Similar than you would think”

Christianity: A Scary Subject for the Romans

The Romans did have reason to be afraid of early Christianity when it sprung up from the eastern parts of the empire. At the time of Christianities rise in the Roman empire, the thought of there being only one God was preposterous to the average Roman. The government had reason to believe that a changeContinue reading “Christianity: A Scary Subject for the Romans”

A New Class of American

Modern-day America and ancient Athens both have had non-citizens living among the recognized citizens.  However, Athens had non-citizens that are legally allowed to live and work in the city. Many immigrants that come to America are illegal and have to hide that they are residing there. They are forced to find jobs that pay underContinue reading “A New Class of American”

A Modern Day Thucydides Trap

America is in the position of the most dominant power in the world and will be for the foreseeable future. In its time, Sparta was in the same position as America in that it had the strongest army in Greece. Thucydides thought whenever an up and coming great power rose, it would inevitably come intoContinue reading “A Modern Day Thucydides Trap”

Student Debt Forgiveness

Multiple democratic front-runners in the 2020 presidential election have included propositions to forgive student loans to some extent as a part of their platform. The idea that debt can be forgiven is very similar to Solon’s seisachtheia in which he wiped the debt for poor Athenians. All college students and recent graduates would be overjoyedContinue reading “Student Debt Forgiveness”