The Failings of Phillip of Macedonia

            There is truly no doubting the brilliant military mind of Phillip of Macedonia. He was responsible for the conquering of numerous lands, people, and greatly expanded his empire. He also reformed his military creating a new style of fighting as well as incorporating new technology that provided a tangible difference on the battlefield. However,Continue reading “The Failings of Phillip of Macedonia”

The Galactic Athenian Empire?

            The Empires we see in today’s modern works of literature or film draw us in and fascinate us. From the power held by Walter White in Breaking Bad, to the more tradition Galactic Empire in Star wars, often times these fictional empires are more similar than we may think to historic examples. One suchContinue reading “The Galactic Athenian Empire?”

DACA and Metics

            Certainly one of the most polarizing issues in today’s legislature is the amount of rights to afford illegal immigrants and their children. Debates have raged fiercely across the aisle and it seems that the rhetoric has never been more inflammatory, from both sides. What should be done specifically concerning children brought here illegally byContinue reading “DACA and Metics”

Modern Law and The Code of Hammurabi

The marginalization of those who have less due to factors such as wealth or race has been a common and ugly theme throughout history. Here in America, we like to think this problem has been eradicated. However, when the issue is further investigated, it is clear that we still struggle and may live closer toContinue reading “Modern Law and The Code of Hammurabi”

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