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Unavoidable Exclusivity, Even With God as a Common Bond

Raised in a conservative, Christian household, and following on as a member of the military, I naturally fell victim to the stereotype that any middle-eastern religion is just wrong. The sad part is, I really have no explanation for why. In fact, I knew very little about Islam prior to the recent teachings in class.Continue reading “Unavoidable Exclusivity, Even With God as a Common Bond”

All Religions are a Cult- or at Least Begin as Such

I will preface this post by stating that I formerly identified as a Catholic; raised in a religious household and educated in Christian schools for much of my life. While I hold no bias, references made to the customs of the religion can be taken from personal experience. In 111-113 AD, during which Pliny theContinue reading “All Religions are a Cult- or at Least Begin as Such”

Let the Dreamers Dream

Among the most heated topics in our Athenian Assembly was citizenship rights; should metics and slaves be accepted as citizens in Athens, or perhaps granted a pathway to do so? Similarly, disagreements over citizenship rights in America (specifically pertaining to DACA- The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy), have resulted in Supreme Court hearings onContinue reading “Let the Dreamers Dream”

The Misleading Metaphor of a Trap

In June 2019, the National War College (NWC) and National Defense University (NDU) published Thucydides’ Other “Traps”, a case study evaluating the prospect of 21st century conflict between the United States and various foreign powers. Although the United States has remained in constant tension with numerous countries since the early 1900’s, the prospect of warContinue reading “The Misleading Metaphor of a Trap”

Trump the (almost) tyrant

            In his April 2019 article, “Psychoanalyzing History’s Most Merciless Tyrants”, The Washington Post’s Herbert Wray discusses several “Tyrannical Minds” throughout recent history, delving into their childhood and financial upbringing, mental evaluation, and political decisions. While his use of the word “tyrant” is correct in modern context, it is equally as fitting to definition priorContinue reading “Trump the (almost) tyrant”