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Opposites Attract

I was surprised that Islam incorporates Jesus Christ. I thought Islam only talked about Allah, and Muhammad. Both religions speak on Jesus Christ coming from the Virgin Mary. The Bible states, “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers” (Acts, 1:14). TheContinue reading “Opposites Attract”

Were the Romans Justified?

At first, the Romans paid no mind to Christians because they believed that Christianity was just another sect of Judaism. It wasn’t until they realized that Christians didn’t consider themselves to be Jews, that the Romans began to look downward on Christians. The Romans did have a right to be fearful of Christianity and believeContinue reading “Were the Romans Justified?”

Like Father, Like son.

After Philip II Macedon’s death, his son, Alexander The Great rose to power. Alexander quickly began conquering many Greek city-states such as Egypt, India, and Persia. He wanted to continue moving eastward, however his exhausted troops refused to continue fighting. They told him that a great leader knew when it was time to stop fighting.Continue reading “Like Father, Like son.”

Hammurabi’s Code in 2019

Taylor Buchanan Hammurabi’s Code was the first set of established laws to be created. Although punishments aren’t as harsh as Hammurabi’s, the United State’s justice system and Hammurabi’s Code have similarities in regard to social status. Although constitutionally the U.S promotes equal rights for all, minorities are treated poorly in comparison to their counterparts.  MinoritiesContinue reading “Hammurabi’s Code in 2019”