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More Alike Than You May Think

Current political and social climate around the world largely pits the views of Christianity and Islam as oposing religions in constant conflict with each other. In a geopolitical sense, these two religions can be made to represent the West versus the East. The teachings and values of Christians align with and are supported by theContinue reading “More Alike Than You May Think”

Maintaining the Mental Edge

In Sun Tzu’s Art of War parable, the over-arching philosophy he describes is a focus on the mental state of war more than physical tactics. While the carrying out of ferocious military plans will no doubt help win a battle or war, Tzu writes about almost entirely the psychological aspects of preparing for war. HeContinue reading “Maintaining the Mental Edge”

Romans and the Spread of Religions

The fear felt by ancient Romans against Christians was validated given the threat to stability in the empire. While modern-day beliefs portray Judaeo-Christian beliefs as an inevitable triumph of religions, it may not have always seemed this way. A current take on religion, views I consider myself to align with, often views Christianity as anContinue reading “Romans and the Spread of Religions”

The Right for a Voice

The debate regarding whether metics and slaves should be granted citizenship in the Athenian democracy closely resembles the argument of whether “Dreamers” should be granted citizenship in the United States. In our in-class debates as well as in ancient Athens, the topic of granting metics and slaves’ citizenship was highly scrutinized. Both sides of theContinue reading “The Right for a Voice”

“Traps” Past and Present

In a post World War II era, the United States has emerged as the world’s dominant superpower. While there are other nations that periodically emerge as challengers to America’s superiority, few can contend with the technological advancements of the United States. This does not mean that other nations do not threaten that power, sometimes leadingContinue reading ““Traps” Past and Present”

Debt “Relief”

Although over two millennia apart, the political tactics of democratic presidential candidate front-runners Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders mirror those of Solon in ancient Greece. In both instances, however, the seemingly beneficial act of debt forgiveness among their people could end up hindering its recipients more than it helps.  In the case of Solon’s riseContinue reading “Debt “Relief””