Why Should Officers be Clever 101

The Naval Academy is saturated with officers who are willing to share their leadership knowledge. In my experience, the truth can be lost within some lengthy sea stories, leaving the lesson never full internalized. Luckily, some stories stick, and the lessons resonate with midshipmen. I remember a distinct lesson in class when we learned aboutContinue reading “Why Should Officers be Clever 101”

Assassin’s Creed: A History

I played Assassin’s Creed growing up and as a kid, I focused on all the cool ways to kill bad guys, gain weapons, and upgrade to the latest armor rather than investing time into understanding the historical context the game explores. As an adult, I appreciate the creative aspect of the game, which is incrediblyContinue reading “Assassin’s Creed: A History”

Christianity: A Cult?

            At a very young age, I attended a Catholic elementary school and attended bible school every Sunday. By growing up under a Catholic influence, I was constantly surrounded by adults explaining the Catholic faith and origins of our traditions, leaving me with little doubt about the legitimacy of the Catholic Church. However, my friendsContinue reading “Christianity: A Cult?”

Alexander the Great Really is Great

Philip II created a culture amongst the fractured tribes in the Macedonian Kingship and established new military techniques that allowed for expansion, but it was Alexander the Great that propelled the Macedonian empire to new heights of domination across the Mediterranean. His personality was one that could not be emulated or underestimated; it secured hisContinue reading “Alexander the Great Really is Great”

America’s Fear for China’s Rise in Power

            The cause of the Peloponnesian War came from Sparta defending itself and its allies against the growing threat of Athenian violence and expansion, creating the modern term “Thucydides Trap.” Named after the Athenian historian and general, this word describes this relationship where an established nation feels threatened by a growing nation, and hereby, comeContinue reading “America’s Fear for China’s Rise in Power”

The Non-Existent Laws for Sexual Assault Survivors

Larry Nasser is the perfect example of privilege winning for so long in the justice system. He had the perfect formula: He was a well-respected doctor in esteemed programs like USA Gymnastics and the Olympics. He also had the privilege of being a male. This case is a classic example of injustice; many girls spokeContinue reading “The Non-Existent Laws for Sexual Assault Survivors”

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