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Tyranny & Totalitarianism (Democracy and Empire): Is Hitler considered a Tyrant?

The ancient use of tyranny differs greatly from the modern use of tyranny. The pre-modern definition of a tyrant is someone who came to power in a non-hereditary way and has absolute power. In modern times, the definition of tyrant has dramatically changed to a cruel or oppressive ruler. Someone who was good at first,Continue reading “Tyranny & Totalitarianism (Democracy and Empire): Is Hitler considered a Tyrant?”

Code of Hammurabi: A Modern Babylon

The Code of Hammurabi specifically constitutes punishments for people based on their social classes in the hierarchy. Unfortunately, through the Code, it is evident that people in a lower class or a minority, suffer from more crude punishments than those in higher classes. This Code is one of the earliest examples of a person beingContinue reading “Code of Hammurabi: A Modern Babylon”