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Christianity and Islam: Surprising Similarities

As we have already learned, the religions of the book – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – all share many similarities with regards to their beliefs about God and His prophets. In particular, Christianity and Islam seem to be more closely related to each other than either is to Judaism; the main outstanding difference between theContinue reading “Christianity and Islam: Surprising Similarities”

Gladiator: An Inaccurate Masterpiece

One of my favorite movies that is set during the time of the Roman empire is the movie Gladiator. The movie is set in the second century AD, and tells of a great fictional Roman general, Maximus Decimus Meridius, who is forced to become a common gladiator when the son of the emperor, whose nameContinue reading “Gladiator: An Inaccurate Masterpiece”

The Rise of the Christians: A Worthy Threat To Roman Culture

From a Roman perspective, the rise of Christianity in Rome could easily be seen as a threat to the polytheistic culture that had already been set in stone. People worshiping a single deity figure that was not any of the numerous gods nor the emperor could be taken as a criminal act, with the seeminglyContinue reading “The Rise of the Christians: A Worthy Threat To Roman Culture”

Alexander vs. Philip II: Who’s More Responsible?

Alexander the Great is famous for his conquering of Greece, the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and the Persian Empire. He campaigned with an adept army that was able to out fight their opponents, utilizing expert tactics and unrelenting force. Alexander was a charismatic and powerful ruler who knew how to overpower his opponents throughContinue reading “Alexander vs. Philip II: Who’s More Responsible?”

America in Thucydides’ Trap

Although the United States has posed itself as the world’s greatest superpower ever since the conclusion of World War II, the current global climate would have many believe that America’s position of power is in jeopardy. With the rise of China’s malicious cyber warfare capabilities and naval strategies, the United States, it seems, is alreadyContinue reading “America in Thucydides’ Trap”

Forgiveness of Loans: A Wise Decision?

In today’s age, we do not necessarily have “debt slaves” that must work for another in order to pay off accumulated debts; instead, we have loans that must be paid off over the course of a long period of time. This is especially apparent with college students; college tuition costs an exorbitant amount of money,Continue reading “Forgiveness of Loans: A Wise Decision?”