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Abrahamic Religions Similarities

Islam and Christianity are both monotheistic religions that are more similar than we might first expect. Islam does not accept Jesus as the son of God. However, Islam does adopt the Psalms, and the Gospel from Christians and the Torah from Judaism along with the Quran as the four holy books of their religion. Therefore,Continue reading “Abrahamic Religions Similarities”

Star Wars, America, and Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was made up of many different warring nations to include Sparta and Athens. These two nations grew over time where one became the most powerful army in the region and the other became the most powerful navy in the region. After studying ancient Greece, it is easy to compare the interactions of SpartaContinue reading “Star Wars, America, and Ancient Greece”

Christianity: A threat to the Roman Empire

In modern times, Christianity is the most popular religion. However, this was not always the case. In ancient Roman times, Christianity was just starting to grow and raised many concerns to the Romans who did not understand this new monotheistic religion. Many of the traditions of modern Christianity originated from this time including the lastContinue reading “Christianity: A threat to the Roman Empire”

DACA: Metics of the Future

The last Athenian Assembly debated and voted on the acceptance of metics and slaves as citizens of Athens and their ability to vote. DACA is also being debated in today’s government in the United States. DACA is a program that allows children who came here illegally with their parents to reside in the United StatesContinue reading “DACA: Metics of the Future”

The Modern Peloponnesian War

How growing power can lead to increased tensions: As one country grows in power, it begins to be seen as a threat to other countries in the area. This pattern can be seen throughout history, the most famous instance being the Peloponnesian War. Tensions began to grow as Athens begin to gain power in theContinue reading “The Modern Peloponnesian War”

Ruling: Pocket Change, or Death Row?

The fairness of justice: In 1993 the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, was involved in one way or another with the Rollin 20’s Crips gang. On August 25th that year, Snoop Dogg was arrested on murder charges of a rival gang member, Philip Woldemariam. According to a Washington Post article by Sharon Waxman, “The jury appearedContinue reading “Ruling: Pocket Change, or Death Row?”