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Abrahamic Religions

David A. Majd-Faridi             Islam, Judaism and Christianity share more commonalities than differences.  Sometimes in the texts the reference, sometimes in the values they preach.  One certain string that ties all three together is that they all worship the same God.  This fact would never be apparent if one was to observe the historic andContinue reading “Abrahamic Religions”

Aggressive but not Reckless

David A. Majd-Faridi             Sun Tzu’s writing in The Art of War is a brilliant product of years of experience of combat and leading armies with the purpose to bring forward the hard and important lessons that have been learned on the battlefield.  While reading excerpts from a few of the chapters provided to us,Continue reading “Aggressive but not Reckless”

Religious Persecution

David A. Majd-Faridi Blog #4             In order to keep the balance and control of the vast Roman Empire, it was not only justified, but logical for the Roman attempts to stomp out Christianity within its empire.  Concepts of insubordination and different believes can quickly undermine everything that an empire is trying to establish.  ThoughContinue reading “Religious Persecution”

Lasting Impacts of Leadership

David A. Majd-Faridi BLOG #3             Alexander the Great’s campaigns and techniques used to achieve his accomplishments throughout his reign were only effective because of the state of the empire given to him by Philip II.   When compared to Philip II, Alexander’s tactics and methods can be seen as short-sighted, vain, and seemingly random.  InContinue reading “Lasting Impacts of Leadership”