The Galactic Empire and Rome

Empires throughout history have come about in a multitude of different ways. Some started out as Empires, with kings and emperors who persisted and kept it that way for centuries. Some have a revolution or get overthrown by someone with ambition to be an emperor. Others, as in the case of both the Roman andContinue reading “The Galactic Empire and Rome”

Threat of Christianity

In the Roman Empire, their polytheistic religious practices were a staple throughout the empire. Even the emperor of Rome was viewed in a divine way, and was something that the Roman citizens were taught to be in awe of and respect. During this time, Christianity was a budding new religion, and in any empire differingContinue reading “Threat of Christianity”

The Dreamers of Athens

In ancient Athens, the assembly and many facets of government were largely controlled by Athenian citizens, and those who had maintained a high social status. Slaves and metics weren’t considered citizens and because of this they were considered below the people on the assembly. A similar issue is plaguing the United States today, with immigrantsContinue reading “The Dreamers of Athens”

America: A Modern Sparta?

In the days of Greek prominence, Sparta was one of, if not the most formidable group in Ancient Greece. They had the most powerful land force in all of Greece and was known for its fighting culture and warrior spirit. During this time, another Greek city-state was rising to prominence. Known for its philosopher mentalityContinue reading “America: A Modern Sparta?”

Racial Disparity in America

In modern America minorities face profiling and singling out almost every single day based simply on their race or appearance. While many consider our government and police force to be institutions for good and equality the majority of the time, there are also many instances where this is not the case. In many different casesContinue reading “Racial Disparity in America”

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