Jesus the Messiah; God or Not?

From the three Religions of the Book, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, most people would think Christianity and Judaism are more closely related while Islam is an outlier. The idea that Islam is a radical religion is a stereotype that is not going away anytime soon. Rather, the truth can be explained about this religion soContinue reading “Jesus the Messiah; God or Not?”

Art of Academy

“The Art of War” written by Sun Tzu offers insight into the most important aspects of war. From his writing, discipline and preparation most closely connect to what the Naval Academy teaches its Midshipmen in regard to preparation for the Fleet. Sun Tzu claims there are five fundamentals of war: the way, heaven, earth, command,Continue reading “Art of Academy”

Fear of Christians

Before the third century CE, Romans were fearful of the rising popularity of Christainity. They viewed Christiainity as a cult that could weaken the Empire and ultimately lead to the destruction of Rome. The Romans had a right to fear the Chrstians because they recognized the possibility of a political revolution. In order to guaranteeContinue reading “Fear of Christians”

Visitors or Citizens

During the Assembly meetings held in class, the consensus was made that metics who proved themselves worthy to Athens would be granted citizenship. However, this is not the case when looking at the events that unfolded in Athens following the Assembly meetings. Lysias and Thrasybulus supported the inclusion of metics and slaves as citizens inContinue reading “Visitors or Citizens”

It’s a Trap

The Peloponnesian War was inevitable. With Athens rising in power, Sparta became more and more fearful that conflict would soon follow. First, the Athenian Naval power made the Spartans nervous. Athenians also feared naval vulnerability because they relied on their naval forces for protection as well as trade. With both sides being fearful of oneContinue reading “It’s a Trap”

Tyrant or Leader?

In Chapter 5, “Dawn of the Empires”, the author defines tyrant as a “ruler with absolute power, sometimes granted through election in times of crisis, sometimes seized through force of arms”. The author also refers to a tyrant as a “single autocratic ruler” (Spodek 141). However, the modern day definition of “tyrant” is a cruelContinue reading “Tyrant or Leader?”

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