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Islam and Christianity

In the Western Hemisphere, religions with Christianity base are common more than many other religions found across the globe, and living in the U.S, it is safe to say that religions of any type that aren’t Christianity, are often times seen as wrong, or even taboo. Before learning about the history of Christianity and Islam, I thought both were vastly different, and always thought that it was Christianity and Jeudism that were more closely related. I was wrong however, and knowing what I know now about the two religions, there are a few similarities that surprised me, and it made me realize that the two religions are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If anything it made me realize that the religions somehow along the way adopted similar ideologies, and used the commonalities to form unique religions and made it their own. 

The biggest similarity that jumped out and was a bit of a surprise, was the view on Jesus Christ. In The Bible, Jesus is the second person of the Trinity and born of the Virgin Mary. He is “true God from true God.” (Nicene Creed). In the Islamic religion, Jesus is described in the Quran, “Isa (Jesus) was a prophet, sent from Allah and born of the VIrgin Mary, but not divine.” (Quran 5:17). In contrast, in Judaism, Jesus is described as an ordinary Jew, not the Messiah  nor a divine person. The Jewish saw Jesus as an imposter. This was a bit shocking to me, only because Jesus began as Jewish, and even after Jesus showed his abilities, as The Bible says, those of the Judeo religion, did not believe that he was the savior that the Old Testament speaks of. 

It is all about perspective however, and after analyzing it further, I realized that it would make sense why Islam would embrace the idea of Jesus more so than Judeism. This is because during the time when Christianity was emerging, under the strict Roman Empire, Judaism was a known religion. For Christianity to emerge, it was taboo, and it caused a great deal of push back from the community. In the community’s eyes, Jesus was someone of a traitor in his own religion, someone who was trying to rebel, and corrupt those that were willing to listen. It is the biggest reason why the Romans were inclined to put him on the cross, and treat him the way that they did.

Islam however, believes that Jesus was a prophet, sent from Allah. He is in fact mentioned just as much, if not more, than Muhhamed in the Quran. This could be that they embraced the abilities to heal others, that are mentioned in The Bible.

Another surprising similarity,between the two religions are the origins of the two. Even though Christianity stemmed from Judeism, which both include the Old Testiment, it is actually Islam that has closer root ties. This is because both can trace their roots back to Abraham. Abraham’s wife gave him her servant, Hagar, to have a son. Oddly enough however, both ended up getting pregnant. Abraham’s wife gave birth to Isaac, which through his lineage came David and Jesus. Whereas Hagar’s son, Ishmael, is believed by Islam religion, that Muhammad is a decendent of Ishmael. 

While the roots are evident between the two, in today’s day in age, and centuries past, it has been taught that the two are mutually exclusive. That both exists without the other. However, I think it is safe to say, after analyzing both the Quran and The Bible, the two religions go hand in hand, and build on one another.

2 thoughts on “Islam and Christianity

  1. I was very surprised as well with the similarities between Christianity and Islam. I didn’t know much about the religion of Islam. But it came to my surprise that the view of Jesus Christ is drastically different between the two religions. Christians see Jesus as the Son of God and his word and savior to humanity. But compared to how the Jews few Jesus, the viewing between the Christians and Muslims is very similar. The Jews see Jesus as an ordinary Jew and also an imposter. Muslims don’t see Jesus as such high stature as Christians do. Muslims also do not believe in the crucifixion of Jesus, they believe someone was substituted for Jesus and he hid until he could meet with the disciples. I also believed that Christianity was more related to Judaism than it was to Islam. This was the thing that surprised me the most. I also believed that Christianity’s following was a lot bigger than Islam but they both actually have a huge following.


  2. I liked how you talked about the Christian community being dominant and that we often see other religions that aren’t ours as wrong. I liked that you admitted to not knowing much and were much more open to the fact that they are not mutually exclusive and do share the same concepts. Growing up, we were all “brain washed” into believing that Islam was bad for the simple fact that terrorists believed in that. Through this ignorant thought process, I never wanted to look into Islam or try to gain an understanding as to where the violence stems from if they believe in one single god. Just like you, I also thought that the two were completely different and had nothing to do with each other. Nobody ever allowed us to open our minds and see that although terrorists do believe in Islam, they believe are extremists. I was also surprised that Islam and Christianity had many similarities and the way that we were taught kept us from exploring the religion ourselves because people told us at a young age what was right and what was wrong.


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