Opposites Attract

I was surprised that Islam incorporates Jesus Christ. I thought Islam only talked about Allah, and Muhammad. Both religions speak on Jesus Christ coming from the Virgin Mary. The Bible states, “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers” (Acts, 1:14). The Quran says, “Isa (Jesus) was a prophet, sent by Allah and born of the Virgin Mary, but not divine” (Quran 5:17). Going along with Jesus Christ, the Quran also talks about Jesus being ascended into heaven with Allah, however in Islam, they do not believe that Jesus was crucified. “Jesus was not crucified (Quran, 4:157), but was raised to Heaven by Allah (Quran, 4:158). I was also surprised that although they have different books for their teachings, Muslims accept the Bible in areas where it agrees with the Quran.

Islam and Christianity are not mutually exclusive, although they have different beliefs concerning their religion, they share the same concepts. For instance, both ideologies talk about sin. The difference between Islam and Christianity on the discussion of sin is that sin does not grieve Allah in the teachings of Islam, however it does grieve God in Christianity. Sin in Christianity is the rebellion against God, but in Islam sin is disobedience to the established law. In Islam, all Muslims are sent to heaven. Some may be sent to Hell at first in order to be purged for their sins, but will ultimately go to heaven. In Christianity, once you are in hell, you can not be sent to heaven. Despite the different beliefs on Sin, essentially, you can be sent to Hell for the sin that you’ve committed. Both religions also agree on the Last Days. The Final Days are seen as when God/ Allah come back. They agree with the return and the final destination of all people. As stated previously, in Islam there is a final destination however it can change, but in Christianity there is an eternal destination. This decision will not change. 

On the topic of angels, the Quran believes that angels should not be worshipped due to the fact that the devil was an angel. In the bible, angels are heaven sent servants of God. Although they have different thoughts on the purpose of angels, they both agree with the fact that angels are messengers. The Quran believes that Jesus is a prophet that is not the Son of God. In Christianity, Jesus is God’s Son and part of God’s Word as well as being the savior of humanity. Both religions agree that Jesus was virgin born. 

Islam and Christianity are not mutually exclusive because they have the same ideals. They both agree on the concept of a heaven or hell, and the Last Days. Both religions believe in Jesus Christ coming from the Virgin Mary. They deal with spreading the gospel and ensuring that people follow certain values in order to attain a better version of themselves and go into a path that will lead them into heaven. Yes, they go about this differently, however the end result is the same.

Word Count- 525

Taylor Buchanan

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