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Kevin Spencer (1002)     10-25-19

Star Wars (emperor) v. Roman Republic (Caesar)

Star Wars is an iconic film that is relatable throughout almost all periods of history. Traces of history of the Roman Republic can be found throughout Star Wars. The accuracy of these accounts are not 100 percent, but one can obviously see resemblance of the Star Wars plot, and the Roman Republic. Therefore, I would like to compare Star Wars and its Galactic Empire to the Roman Republic around the time period of Caesar and his takeover of the throne. This comparison will show how obused power leads to destruction of a whole civilization or empire.

If one does not know anything about Star Wars, one will have to be informed briefly on what exactly the Galactic Empire is. The Galactic Empire was the government that transitioned into autocracy that was led by an emperor who had out right control of the empire.  The way the autocracy ruled was by forceful and unjust power. The empire’s imperial rule was eventually common knowledge to all of the Empire’s citizens. Therefore, they began to set up a rebellion. The imperial government used its power to build a vast and advanced navy. With this advanced navy, the emperor ordered that lands be destroyed for the sake of showing how powerful he was. Therefore, the rebellion led to a war that eventually led to the decline of the emperor and his tyrannical rule. 

The comparison of the Galactic Empire and the Roman Republic will be shown from the perspective of a comparison of Julius Caesar and the imperial emperor of the Galactic Empire. The first aspect of the comparison is civil war that both leaders led their empires into. Julius Caesar forced Rome into civil war with Pompey’ army. Like Caesar and the Roman Republic, the emperor of the Star Wars’ Galactic Empire caused civil war with the rebels. His abuse of power caused citizens to rebel and fight a battle between a divided empire. Also, the emperor and Caesar abused the power they had which ultimately caused the destruction of themselves. For example in the spodak reading it states, “Caesar captured nearly half a million slaves.” He also lost support when he declared and accepted to become a dictator for life. The emperor in Star Wars used his power to destroy the lands of the citizens which led to the citizens to become rebels. 

All in all, this is a brief comparison of Star Wars and the Roman Republic. This comparison shows how both Caesar and the emperor let their power become too much for them and abused it. One can see that the dangers of abused power, in this case, led to civil wars and a decline in power. There are more examples of how the two compare. However, the most critical comparison one can make is how both rulers abused their power which lead to a decline in their empires as a whole. 

There is hard to see a large scale similarity between Star Wars and modern America or the Roman Republic and America besides the abuse of power. The abuse of power is seen in all time periods and in all nations.

-Kevin Spencer

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