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Kevin Spencer (1002) 10/14/19

Comparing models of power

In the many years of Rome’s existence and in the many years of America’s existence, one will see plenty of change in every aspect of being a country whether it be government, economics, or simply day-to-day life. As Studied in history class, Rome went under and experimented with many different models of power. The focus on what Rome was based upon shifted a lot. In contrast, America’s model of power has stayed consistent every sense the Union was created. The election of a president by the people is the norm in America and has not been changed since. However, one can see that although the model of power has remained constant, America has had to make an alternative approach to certain events in history. Which brings one to the point that, America, in major war eras, is similar to Rome’s Severn era of military autocracy.

Over the span of United States’ history, major wars have been fought i.e. the Civil War, World Wars I-II, and the Cold War. In these times of war, one can see that America focus was primarily on war and war only. Everything done in these war periods of time was focused on winning the war. This is where one can see: extreme loyalty of troops and all the people of America, the importance of patriotism increases, and a model of power that is fully in favor of the military. In the model of military autocracy in Rome, we see the same characteristics: extreme loyalty, increase of patriotism, and a very defined military focus. In the Boatwright book, it is stated, “In Septimius Severus’ time; numbers of auxiliary troops and cavalry grew.” In these ways, America and Rome are similar in models of power, not exact but to a certain degree. Therefore, the resemblance is there.

Although one can see the similarities, one can see that this example is a stretch of a comparison. To explain, Romans model of military autocracy was far more extreme. In this era of Rome, the imperial leader was thought of as a god and lead troops into battle. Also, the Romans were looking to expand their empire and cease other cities. These two examples are few of the many that show how the Roman’s model of military autocracy was extreme compared to America’s use of military , and how this comparison was a stretch due to American doing neither of the two. The American leader is not looked at as a god and does not lead troops into battle nor does America look to cease other nations. 

All in all, America has an advantage when it comes to knowing how to handle certain situations. Adjusting the model of power is a prime example of handling a specific situation as America did in the major wars. Their focus on the military and its power lead to wars won. In this alternate model of power, one can see the similarities from the Roman model of power involving the Severn Dynasty and their military autocracy. The similarities of the two can be seen; however, the differences are very distinguishable which is why the comparison is a stretch. 


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