Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture

Misuse of the Word Tyranny in Modern Culture

In today’s world of media and increasing numbers of news outlets, it is now commonplace to find words misused. Words that mean one thing, have developed negative connotations in spite of their original meaning. Writers often insert words or phrases in order to insinuate a bad feeling in the reader’s mind. One example is the misinterpretation of the acronym “AR” found within a sporting rifle’s name called the AR-15. Another solid example would be the labeling of the United States’ elected president, Donald Trump as a tyrant. Upon a quick search query of the word “tyrant” within Google search services, I have located an article with the title Tyrant Trump Terrorizes Car Company Execs With Emissions Rollback Threats written by Steve Hanley. Steve Hanley is a writer for the website Clean Technica, the self-proclaimed #1 cleantech news site in the world. Within the article, you can understand that Mr. Hanley clearly has large amounts of passion invested in this topic, and I believe that not only his passion, but his goal to incite an equal passion into his audience about the emissions standards set in California lead to him misusing the word tyrant. His negative passion is shown within the first sentence of the article. “The alleged president of the United States… enraged that several car companies have reached an agreement… by President Obama.” Back in the days before democracy, the word tyrant was used to describe people who came into power within a political system by methods outside of the typical method to select leaders. For example, within a monarchy, people would come into leadership through means of reproduction. Should someone come into power who is outside of the “royal family lineage” that person would be a tyrant, and the government would be considered in a state of tyranny In the article, Donald Trump is considered a tyrant because he disagrees with car companies that want to uphold California’s emissions standards. By the old definition, Donald Trump is not a tyrant. Donald Trump was rightfully elected by the electoral college of the United States, which was influenced by the states’ votes as described in the Constitution. 

Jackson Lee Mitchell

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