Justice System: Not Blind

Throughout mankind, various societies have had many different beliefs and ways of conducting themselves. Obviously, to the present society, their rules and sets of laws seem to be the norm and almost all others that differ, seem completely foreign and hard to understand. In present day America, we experience this every day because the United States is such a melting pot of cultures and diverse communities. However, it is not only the clashing of present societies and cultures that seem peculiar. When one takes a look back into history, some of the more odd norms come into play. But are we really that different? The answer is no. Moreover, as we learn about the Code of Hammurabi, it seems ethically wrong to hand out different punishments to differing social classes for the same crime, or even more harsh punishments for lesser crimes because of a lower socioeconomic class or race. It has become more and more apparent in recent years and events that this kind of atrocities are happening. A recent example of these types of occurrences appeared during Hilary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.

Hilary Clinton was trusted with extremely sensitive information on which she was supposed to use a given server to communicate through. Clinton knowingly used a private email server to communicate with other members of the United States government and others. This ultimately was an illegal act and should have been held accountable legally. It is easy to come to the conclusion that because of her economic status and position of power, Hilary Clinton got off easy. If this was a person of lesser status or maybe even a nonwhite race, there would be more of an active investigations to the allegations. For example, if this were a person in the armed forces that used an insecure network with classified and sensitive information, they would be court martialed, dishonorably discharged and ultimately criminally prosecuted, but because of her position of authority, the consequences were much less.

The question of “How do we fix this flawed system?” comes into play. With events like this it is easy to sit there and call our justice system flawed. In order to fix this our justice system needs to have a blind eye to socioeconomic class. With all these special privileges granted to higher ups, it becomes apparent that our complicated justice system is not much more different than the Code of Hammurabi with the exception of the severity of punishments.

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